There's nothing pretty about mink.

I have a new pest to sort out... a MINK has made its way into a roof space in a house close to Warminster in the Wylye Valley.  These are a major pest and endanger many native species, such as the water vole.  Watch this space to see if we can Kapow the mink! I think this is one for me not for Max! I will save the rats for him.

Moles are also becoming a nuisance, I have mole jobs in Mells, Trowbridge, Westbury and Warminster.  Traps (not gas) are used (the traditional way) to control these pests.

Cluster Flies are still proving to be a major pest this year, hotels, houses are being plagued.  If you wish to rid yourselves of Cluster Flies, please call Chris at KAPOW Pest Control.