For anything from a tiny staff canteen to a 10,000 acre farm, Kapow can provide a local, environmentally-sound and tailor-made service to meet your needs. Though we're a small company, we have strong links with the local pest control community, so we can always scale up our operation when necessary as well as ensure that there's cover for any ongoing commitments. Plus have £5m of public liability insurance.

As part of any contract, we also provide Integrated Pest Management consultancy, giving you a planned program to follow that will minimise the likelyhood of any infestations in the first place - by far the most cost-effective form of pest control.

Following the priniciples of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use, we strive to use non-toxic monitoring devices to minimise environmental impact and firmly establish the level of any pest problem before putting in place the necesary measures.

And being a small local company, we can be far more ammenable and responsive when urgent needs arise (no call centres here!).

Every client recieves a bespoke service folder in which ongoing needs and historical records are tracked. This includes:

  1. Service Specification: The required frequency visits (generally eight times a year but not always), the pests covered, any additions like fly-killer servicing, insect monitoring and so forth.
  2. Pest Control Reports: Written and left with you at the end of each visit.
  3. Checklist & Bait Plans: A list of site locations along with any products (fly-killers, monitoring devices, toxic and non-toxic bates etc.) that have been left in those locations. A site map may also be provided.
  4. Safety Data Sheets: A general approved pesticide list, risk assessments and, where required, a full specification on each approved product.

For factories, warehouses and offices, Kapow Pest Control is the perfect partner.

"Chris has done an excellent job in finding the source of our rat problem and removing them. He dealt with them speedily and even came out on a weekend. I am very happy with the service he provides."
Mr. W, Local Business

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