People often underestimate the potential damage that pests can do to a home.

  • Textile pests (beetles, moths) can be quietly working away to destroy carpets, tapestries, silks and clothes.
  • In the garden, moles can undermine the structure and damage lawns. Rats can damage goods in sheds, steal from bird feeds, urinate in ponds (killing fish) and breed before overflowing in to the house. Squirrels can destroy trees.
  • Rats in the house are, contrary to popular perception, quite clean animals, which means there are not always obvious signs of their presence. Watch out for disappearing spuds and pet food, or damaged goods. Rats carry a number of diseases including Weils Disease, which can be fatal to humans.
  • In the loft, rodents (squirrels, mice, rats), which need to constantly gnaw to keep their teeth trimmed, can be  working away at timbers, cables, family heirlooms, Christmas decorations... This can cause a range of problems if not dealt with properly, the most serious being house fires due to exposed cables.
  • In the bedroom, bed bugs are becoming a far more frequent pest that you may not always be aware of - largely to do with increasing foreign travel. Whilst bigger than many people think (almost as big as a ladybird), they're still very hard to spot unless you know where to look. Telltale signs, which are often misdiagnosed by GPs, can be rashes and irritations, often in a line around the torso.
  • Of course, if you have a problem with fleas or mice, you'll know all about it already!

We are highly experienced in helping the householder resolve pest issues, being sympathtic and professional.  With over 12 years in the business we will identify the pest (if needed) and use the very best products to effectively control and eradicate them.  Also if needed, we can provide a proofing service to prevent the problem reocurring - thus putting Kapow out of future work! But that our  my ethos.

We're always happy to take the time to help you move towards habits that will reduce the likelyhood of re-infestation. This includes things like:

  1. Responsible bird feeding (no throwing bread on to the lawn).
  2. Good composting practices (rats love compost heaps).
  3. Proofing of sheds and buildings.

"Friendly, professional and thoughtful service that goes beyond the basics to get a brilliant job done. I would highly recommend Kapow to anyone." Domestic Client