Controlling Squirrels in the Home

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Squirrels may look cute hopping around the park ....BUT they are in fact destructive and even potentially dangerous. In the loft, they can cause carnage; they gnaw at electric wires and cabling, causing potential fire hazards. They can rake up insulation for nesting, damage stored goods, clothes, those cherished books and children’s toys, eat those Christmas decorations, especially loving the pine cones! Yummy. Nesting means families and babies - uh oh...

If you've not already done so, now's the time to call in the experts to give advice, deal with these destructive pests and get your good night’s sleep back! You could of course buy a sonic device; good luck, they don't work that well - you'll need a professional one day to get a proper job done. Kapow Pest Control will endeavour to give you the best advice and, if agreed, carry out a professional treatment using the best techniques available. We will also make proofing recommendations that will help prevent any reinfestations.