Very happy customer

I have been dealing with this customer in Frome for a few weeks, but due to holidays, its taken this long to get Chris from Alpharod out to inspect the drains,  This is an old farmhouse with lots of draind and gullies etc.   Chris straight away found some old pitch pipes that had either collapsed, or were in the process of collapsing.   These were used extensively in the 1970's but alas were not really fit for purpose and are all coming to the end of their useful lives, so either need repairing or replacing.  the latter is my preferred option.

To the rear of the property, there were more problems, rats had gnawed through a poorly fitted plastic pipe and there was also an exposed gully where rats had gnawed through the drain cover.  fortunately, I know a fair amount about drains and fitted a stainless steel rat flap that has prevented rats from exiting the drains.  ALso the customer has arranged for Alpha Rod to fix the drains.  Another happy customer!

Rats in a domestic property in Frome

Will people please listen to my advise - sometimes!  One customer in Frome is convinced the rats are gaining entry via the roof, when I am sure there is a drain issue.  I would either get Wessex Water out to check drains or my trusted contractor CHris from Alpharod to inspect them.  I am convinced there is a drainage fault, as it happens, nothing is being done so the rats will be back! 

Rats in the kitchen

Today, I revisited a cafe in Frome.  Wow the rats have been busy, taking nuts and pasta from the dry stores.  Fear not, Kapow Pest Control are on the case with a good few rat traps in position, we should control them soon.  To aid my investigation, Chris from Alpha Rod, is coming out on Friday to camera the drains as there is something dodgy going on!

Wasps not Bees! - AT LAST

Unlike some unscrupulous pest control businesses out there, Kapow Pest Control has not destroyed one honey or bumble bees nest this year, but given good sound advise.  It makes me no money but I sleep well at night!!


However, the wasps have arrived, carrying out wasp nest destruction at: Buckland Dingham, Frome, Heytesbury, Bruton and Bath so far.  More on this to follow.  2 nests have been in bird boxes so far, 2 wasps nests in the ground.  Many more wasps nest to follow this year we hope after last year! whats good for me is not so good for you. Sorry guys 

Rats, Rats, Rats, Beckington, Frome, Bath, Warminster. Max to the rescue

Never have I known to have so many rat jobs! Good for Myself and Max but lesser for the occupants!  Many of these rats are gaining access to properties via: building faults; drain faults; and even on rat bought in by a cat - Max made short work of that!  Just the other day a distraught customer called with a live rat in their utility room, after investigation, it became apparent the rat had entered via the tumble drier vent.  Max was convinced the rat was still there due to his fantastic nose!.  I blocked the vent from the outside, then pulled out the tumble drier - job done Max made light work of dispatching the large rat.  Another happy customer


Still mole jobs coming in.  Even though its been so dry moles still seem to be causing a nuisance.  Kapow pest Control are there to help, being experts in mole control

Giant rats

Rise of the genetically-mutated SUPER RATS: Giant rodents that are immune to poison are spreading at 'rapid speeds'

  • Humans have been using the same rat poisons since the 1950s
  • But rats have developed a mutation that allows them to survive poisons
  • Out of 17 UK counties tested, every single one of them had resistant rats
  • Reports this year suggest that rats in the UK are also becoming bigger
  • 'Super rats' are expected to outnumber humans two to one by next year
  • Footage of the rats will be shown on the Tonight programme, on ITV at 7.30pm BST 

By Ellie Zolfagharifard

Published: 17:57, 25 June 2014

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Catch the pigeon!

Yesterday I was called by a customer who believed he had a rodent or bird in the chimney breast in their bedroom.  Kapow Pest Control turned up promptly and quickly determined that it was a pigeon trapped on a ledge behind a fire brick.  After a little work with Stanley knife and screwdriver, the Victorian air vent was removed and pigeon retrieved and at the customers request, released out of the window where it flew off for a well earned drink and feed!  After all the bird had been there 3 days!  Kapow Pest control will now either fit a cowl to chimney pot to stop this reoccurring or get in a local trusted chimney sweep to perform this task.

Another very happy customer

Rat attack

Its that time of the year when our furry friends want to come and join us in the warm.  Over the last few weeks I have dealt with several internal rat infestations.  At kapow Pest Control we have the added benefit with the keen nosed Max the Jack helping to locate said rats or their locations.  If you hear noises in your loft, house or under your floor boards, We will endeavour to do our best to not only rid you of the pests but also try and establish just how the rodents gained entry, then either help you carry out proofing, give advise or recommend a very good local drainage company that can investigate and drainage faults.