Very happy customer

I have been dealing with this customer in Frome for a few weeks, but due to holidays, its taken this long to get Chris from Alpharod out to inspect the drains,  This is an old farmhouse with lots of draind and gullies etc.   Chris straight away found some old pitch pipes that had either collapsed, or were in the process of collapsing.   These were used extensively in the 1970's but alas were not really fit for purpose and are all coming to the end of their useful lives, so either need repairing or replacing.  the latter is my preferred option.

To the rear of the property, there were more problems, rats had gnawed through a poorly fitted plastic pipe and there was also an exposed gully where rats had gnawed through the drain cover.  fortunately, I know a fair amount about drains and fitted a stainless steel rat flap that has prevented rats from exiting the drains.  ALso the customer has arranged for Alpha Rod to fix the drains.  Another happy customer!