Cluster Fly Season

Today seems to be the start of the Cluster Fly Season.  Do not be alarmed you are not an extras in a Stephen Kin novel 'The Flies' ear seems to be particularly bad for these flies.  Today I have had 11 calls regarding Cluster flies, from Great Elm, Frome, Buckland Dingham, Midsomer Norton and Bath.  All these folk have been inundated with Cluster Flies.  All is not lost, Kapow Pest Control can help by: A quick knock down to flying and alighted flies using a variety of professional methods; also, treat windows, sash boxes, timber frames (indoors only); walls etc. with residual insecticides to control any future flies.  I also have 100% organic pesticides at my disposal if you have any concerns regarding pesticides.  So call Chris at Kapow for a safe and professional treatment.