Bumble Bees - again, and again

WOW – I have never had so many calls about wasps – turning out as expected to be bumble bees.  I like many pest controllers have good ethics when it comes to wildlife conservation and now being a member of the British Pest Control Association I feel more than ever the need to do ‘ the right thing’.  One bumble bee nest was in a bird box next to a well used garden gate.  The customer from Frome, Somerset was adamant that it ‘had to go’, so, at night time when tha bumble had gone to bed, I covered the hole, took down the nest box and relocated to a lovely garden in Mells, Somerset. Next morning I removed the tape and let them fly, what lucky bees they are now! My friend has now gained some good pollinators, joyful things to watch, but also a free nest box – bonus!  All happy.

So if you don’t mind the bumbles – leave em bee!!