Home goal for Max, Max 1 - Rat 0

When called into a local football club due to a rat being thought to be on the premises, Max my faithful Jack Russell went straight to work.  Now this was not the first time we had visited the property, previously Max had detected with his keen nose some rat 'odours' under the bar/skittle alley, unfortunately this time it got away.


On this visit, Max was less interested in the bar (unlike me) but this time made a direct bee line for the lounge and paid particular interest in one sofa, on turning this sofa over a hole was noted.  In a desperate act a rat made a dash for freedom, the scene was set with only one outcome in my opinion.  A chase was on, myself, Max and a keen regular to the football club.  After several minutes of chasing the rat made its way back to the same sofa - its home! so out came the Stanley knife and the base removed revealing the rat but not for long.  Max was straight on it and with a quick shake the rat was dispatched swiftly by Max.  Also in the sofa was a hole pile of large chopped potatoes collected that night by the rat - he had been busy!

Considering that this was not my first visit to the club, I had already inspected the building looking for ingress points, it all looked fine in principle, so the drains are often the obvious ingress access points for rats.  Due to the club having had various extensions, in particular a new cellar, I was particularly interested in a very dirty unused 4" drain apparently leading from and old cellar area to a modern manhole, no one new what purpose it served!  This has now been capped off with a pressure bung and no rats have frequented the bar or club house.  Max in now a highly praised member and Kapow Pest Control are supporters of the club.  hopefully some work will come my way due to the successful outcome!